Miscellaneous Musings

An Introvert like Sheldon

Sometimes, I can really relate to Sheldon. Ok, ok... not so much in the haughty-sarcastic-atheistic-from-the-bible-belt-too-booksmart-for-his-own-good-theoretical-physicist kind of way. More like the "I don't understand the behavior of human beings at ALL" introverted-i'm-just-staying-home kind of way. I've always been an introverted type of person. For example, I sit here in my pj's still underneath a blanket… Continue reading An Introvert like Sheldon

Miscellaneous Musings

Occupational Dreamer

When I was about 13 years old, I thought it would be pretty awesome to get into acting. I locked myself in the bathroom and practiced all the right expressions in front of the mirror. I realized later that my primary motivation to pursue this notion was to meet my Lord of the Rings crush… Continue reading Occupational Dreamer

Miscellaneous Musings

My Early Midlife Crisis

source Today*, I had an early mid-life crisis. Well, a mid-twenties crisis, rather. I've journaled since I was 11 years old, and I've kept every single journal over the years (except the first one from 5th grade, which I destroyed for various reasons when I was in 6th grade). Every once in a while, I… Continue reading My Early Midlife Crisis

Miscellaneous Musings

You’ve Got Mail (Run For Your Ethical life)!

pic source (unsure if this is the original source, but it's where I found it) Wow, I sure am glad it's the time of year for all the political mail. I mean, how would I know who to vote for if it weren't for all this propaganda I receive every day? "Mirror, mirror, on the… Continue reading You’ve Got Mail (Run For Your Ethical life)!

Letters, To my family

A Letter to My Heartstring

Dear Mr. H., When you and I first met at school, I thought you were handsome to boot. I remember sitting behind you, listening to your sexy radio voice, and thinking "Look at that guy, being all tall, dark, and handsome." I was leaving a not-so-good long-distance relationship at the time of our meeting. Love… Continue reading A Letter to My Heartstring


Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple. Open the Doors, See All the Mean People!

I get why people don't like church. I really do. Sometimes I don't even like church. It's not because I feel "judged" or even out of place. It's not because I'm forced to dress up (shoot, people...I get to wear jeans at my church). It's not even boring to me... hearing about what Jesus has… Continue reading Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple. Open the Doors, See All the Mean People!


Writing in the Closet with No Shower

Don Miller is, in my head, one of those people whose talent lies in conveying, through written words, real life stories and real life thoughts. I've read several of his books (one of my favorites being "Blue Like Jazz"), and I'm a proud blog-stalker of his. Since there are a lot of writers/aspiring writers (myself… Continue reading Writing in the Closet with No Shower