Once more With Gusto

Dear anyone who reads this,

Many a blogger and journal enthusiast will relate I think to going through “dry territory” of writing. There have been several times I’ve set myself down to write a post here or one in my journal, only to spend several minutes staring at a blank page before giving up, uninspired and post-less. At least my pens are lasting longer.

Anyway, it’s been a little while.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I’d like music to be my “chosen pursuit”. That said, I’m proud/super excited to announce that I’m releasing my E.P. in 2 DAYS!!! September 1st, 2014, “Once More With Gusto” will be available for download on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Googleplay, and some others. This, my friends, is a big deal to me, because it means I’ve turned my procrastination into productivity, and my trepidation into a turn for the better. It’s a scary thing to put your thoughts, your words, your heart out on the line to be distributed and subject to rejection. I recorded this E.P. 3 years ago, people! 3 YEARS! It’s about gosh darn time!

So, that said, it’s a big step to put it out in the open in the first place. And really, even if I sell zero copies, it feels good to finally do something that I’ve said for years that I’d do.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll discourage you, my dear friends, from checking it out. Shoot, you think I’m not going to use this nifty blog to promote myself a little? **hint hint wink wink**

Glow Cover Size

Keep an eye out for it! And give me feedback! I’d love to hear what you think about it.

Much Love,



1 Comment

  1. So proud of you Ali! I am going to try to download it unto my computer next payday! I love you! Again so proud of you! Lots and lots of love…hugs…and kisses coming from Minnesota….Pastor Mary

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