Miscellaneous Musings, Writing

The Affirmation of the Little Orange Star

I get excited when I see a little orange star pop up at the top of my wordpress bar. It means that someone actually reads this sometimes.

But do I sit here at the keyboard because I hope fellow humans will read my thoughts? Well… yes and no, I suppose. Sure, I  love when my written thoughts resonate with another person. I mean, who doesn’t like a little attention anyways? Just sayin’.

On the other hand, however, the real reason I have this section of the world wide web is to sort out my thoughts by writing them down. Truly. It’s like a parking spot for my brain. I’m not terribly articulate in “real life”, and my brain is so scattered that I sometimes have a hard time figuring things out within the confines of the space between my ears. Most of the time, I write in my trusty friend the journal (which I’ve done for about the past 15 years), but just in case a thought or two rings out to you, I post it here in my little sector of the cyber world.

So whether I’m writing for my own sake or yours, I hope it’s for one of our benefit.



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