Occupational Dreamer

When I was about 13 years old, I thought it would be pretty awesome to get into acting. I locked myself in the bathroom and practiced all the right expressions in front of the mirror. I realized later that my primary motivation to pursue this notion was to meet my Lord of the Rings crush Elijah Wood. When I discovered that Elijah is shorter than my 13 year old self, that was the end of that. I also really hated it when anyone tried to film me, and being on a stage still fills my gut with butterflies on heroine.

I also thought at one point it’d be cool to be a stunt woman. That was before I tried taking a BMX bike over a rather high jump one day. I pedaled down the initial hill with all my might until I ascended and flew high, high, and yet higher above the the earth. With the wind in my hair and my heart pumping excitedly, I anticipated a solid landing… that is, until my body somehow pretty solidly met the solid ground without my bike, and shortly after this the bike fell solidly on top of me. Short-lived dream #2.

So since being the next Catherine Zeta Jones or extreme sports rider didn’t work for me, I turned to music. Ever since I was knee-high to a ladybug, music has been incorporated into the core of me. I grew up in a musical family in a harmonious home, where my sisters and I sang hymns along with mom’s piano playing and listened to the ragtime hits and “The Baby Elephant Walk” on organ by my dad. I started teaching myself guitar when I was sixteen, and have since dabbled in pennywhistle, voice, bass guitar, and keyboard. I also played the accordion…once.

The drugged up butterflies on stage turn into normal butterflies if I’ve got a guitar or a microphone in front of me (i call my guitar “the awkward shield”…meaning that I feel less awkward if I have it to hide behind).

All that said, music is not my career… yet. But I would certainly love it to be.


1. A chosen pursuit; a profession or occupation

2. A path or course, as of the sun through the heavens

A chosen pursuit. Meaning…once you figure out what you’re good at and find some purpose in, it (in most cases) must become a chosen pursuit. An intentional chase. An exclusive quest or hunt.

The second definition I like because it sounds poetic… not necessarily because it pertains to an occupation.

Anyway… this is something I think time to pursue.

(To be continued.)



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