You’ve Got Mail (Run For Your Ethical life)!

pinterest.compic source (unsure if this is the original source, but it’s where I found it)

Wow, I sure am glad it’s the time of year for all the political mail. I mean, how would I know who to vote for if it weren’t for all this propaganda I receive every day?

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the slimiest politician of them all? Oh wait… nevermind mirror. I just checked my mailbox.”

I salute the hundreds of trees that have died for the sake of campaign ads. What a GREAT frikkin cause, all you interest groups out there.

Keeping me informed? Great. That’s fine.

Spending money on needless fees (which I feel like I’m probably contributing to with my tax dollars, one way or another) for double-sided color printed fliers that are likely filled with exaggeration and slander for my mailman to haul around every day? Not ok. Stop wasting mine and the mailman’s time.

[end of rant]

[…for now]


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