Letter to my Journal

Dear Journal,

I miss you today, and I wish I knew where you were. You were in the passenger seat of my car yesterday, but now you’ve up and disappeared. When I first realized you were gone, I panicked a little. “What if someone stole my journal?? That slimy little thought thief!!”

You’re my thought book, and while I’m happy to share my thoughts, I’d hate to find out that someone took my musing away for their own brain to see, without consenting with my brain first.

It’s funny what one panics about… but I hope I find you soon.




Addendum: shortly after publishing this post, I spotted my journal sitting quite in plain sight on the kitchen table. My husband must have brought it in when he drove the pathfinder yesterday. I thus dub myself a silly goose… but a happy goose nonetheless! Yay journal!


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