I write like H.P. Lovecraft

I was on stumbling on stumbleupon.com in the writing section today, and I happened across this lovely website. 

Basically, you copy and paste some of your writing (or free-write something) in the box provided, and then click the “analyze” button. It then takes you to you to the results of the author your work is similar to.

Apparently, I write like H.P. Lovecraft.

I had no idea how accurate the site was, nor did I know who Mr. Lovecraft was,  but of course I  walked hand-in-hand with curiousity and googled the guy. According to IMDb, Lovecraft was an early 1900’s writer who “was a sickly child whose parents died insane” and is “universally considered as the father of modern horror.” He apparently is fairly well-known. I suppose he loved his craft (HA! I crack me up). Ironically, not only did he die in the state of poverty, but he died of poverty in Providence, RI.


Ok,guys… so I dream about about fairies and “dear john” letters to credit card companies. I, the girl who passes out during the torture scene of “Braveheart” and wouldn’t take a shower for days after watching “The Grudge”, am likened he father of modern horror? Really? Better start writing dark and twisted stories about vampires, I guess? And not sparkly ones either, gosh darnit. At least I don’t write like Stephanie Meyer…. oh wait. did I type that out loud?

So…what do you guys get when you type your words into the workings of this wonderful website? Is it fitting to your writing style or no?


the puppy-loving, flower-growing, future mother of modern horror… or not.

Other fun facts about Mr. Lovecraft:

-The house in which Lovecraft was raised was very dirty and poorly lighted, with lots of cobwebs. (Hm… maybe he was just environmentalist enough to love spiders and hate lightbulbs)

-Because he was orphaned young, his aunts indulged him, so Lovecraft’s early diet was high on candy and other sweets and lacked proper nutrition. This contributed to his sickly appearance (well… i do have a sweet tooth)

-His father’s insanity was caused by syphilis. (bummer)

-Played a harmonica-like instrument called a zobo (which looks like this)

-Never actually finished high school, a fact which bothered him clear up to his death (that’s ok. Given his reputation as such a great writer, he probably has better grammar than most high school graduates I know).

And to wrap it up, here is a particularly studious picture of the lovely Lovecraft:





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